Timberland Investment Resources (TIR) is a private management firm that offers investment solutions through the acquisition, management and exploitation of forest resources.

Timberland Investment Resources is a private management firm that offers investment solutions in the forest resources field.

Currently, it manages US$1.500 million in forest assets, spanning an area of 790.000 acres.

The management team of TIR has extensive experience in the asset class and was able to show over time its ability to manage big portfolios of forest resources and investment vehicles for institutional and private clients all around the world, with an attractive risk-return profile.

TIR employs leading forest management strategies and uses internally developed methodologies of economic research and biometrics to inform and guide the decision-making process (including a rigorous discipline of buying-holding-selling.

The focus is on generating diversified cash flows and accruing value in the assets in the long-term.

Investors may participate in TIR investment solutions, either through tailored mandates or through mutual funds.

Timberland Investment Resources Europe LLP, a European subsidiary, is based in London and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

TIR Europe Forestry Fund

Timberland Investment Resources Europe LLP finished the fund raising of its first European vehicle (TIR Europe Forestry Fund I) at the end of 2017.

Motivated by the previously mentioned success, and with a solid project pipeline, TIR is designing and giving form to its next products, which will launch in 2019.

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