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Fund’s goals and profitability  

ES0183798000 (A) | ES0183798018 (I) | ES0183798026 (X)

BrightGate-Iapetus is a flexible investment vehicle managed by BrightGate Capital and advised by BrightGate Advisory EAFI. Most of the AUMs are invested in international equity and the market  risk is actively managed to maximize the risk-return equation.

Iapetus Investments’ Advisory Team looks for securities that satisfy its investment criteria and concentrates the portfolio of the Fund in those with greater conviction and upside potential. The selection criteria are very clear: full understanding of the business, a sustainable long-term position in the market, belonging to a sector with long term tail winds, and a reasonable price.

The Fund was created to substitute Iapetus Investment Sicav, a successful investment vehicle with a track record of seven years.

Concentration Philosophy 

We seek to invest in those sectors and companies that can be the winners of the unprecedent transformation taking place in the vast majority of industries and business models, especially in three areas: sectorial (great amount of simultaneous technological changes), demographic (accelerated aging and slowdown of growth) and market/investment (passive investments, roboadvisors, and longer tail risks).


The Fund is composed of a portfolio of high conviction equities, diversified amongst 25 companies of the highest quality. This could represent up to 100% of the portfolio. Also, the portfolio could be invested up to 30% in fixed income securities. There is an active management of systemic and geopolitical risks through a conservative hedging strategy.

Investment Team

BrightGate Capital

Advisory Team 

Javier Herreros de Tejada 


Juan Colás de Casso  

Risk PM 

More information 

ISIN (A) ES0183798000
ISIN (I) ES0183798018
ISIN (X) ES0183798026
Ticker ES0183798018 Equity
Fund launch 28/01/2022
Redemption Daily
– Class A Link to Morningstar
– Class I Link to Morningstar
– Class X Link to Morningstar
Shareholders 113
Custody Credit Suisse AG
Audit Auren Auditores


Management Fee (A) 2,00%
Management Fee (I) 1,50%
Management Fee (X) 1,00%
Success Fee 0,00%
Depositary Fee 0,10%
Subscription Fee 0,00%
Redemption Fee 0,00%



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