EnTrust Global is the outcome of the 2016 merger of Entrust and Permal, two leaders in the management of alternative investments. Today, with more than $25,000 million of AUM, EnTrust Global is one of the major alternative asset managers in the world.

Global manager of alternative products specialized in investments solutions for companies, institutions, sovereign funds, insurers, private banks, family offices and high net worth individuals. EnTrust Global is a major alternative investment firm that dates to 1997 and 1973 respectively (EnTrust and Permal), and together they leverage profound knowledge and ample industry expertise. 

With eleven offices around the word, EnTrust Global offers alternative investment solutions through personalized portfolios, co-investments, direct investments and established funds through alternative strategies, including diversification, concentration and opportunistic operations.

One of the company’s pillars is its corporate culture, with a particular focus on personal services, constant communication and extensive Due Diligence & risk reporting.

EnTrust Global and its investment committee are independent and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Investment Adviser Act of 1940. It is also regulated and authorized to operate by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and subsidiaries.

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EnTrust Global Alternative Income Strategy (EGAIS)


It is a multi-strategy UCITS fund with daily liquidity, actively managed with an alternative fixed income strategy. Its main objective is to offer long-term capital appreciation and an alternative to traditional fixed income. The underlying strategies are: fixed income trading, fixed income relative value, credit long-short, event driven and global macro. Additionally, it distinguishes itself from traditional fixed income by seeking to accomplish an attractive return/risk ratio along a complete economic cycle.

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EnTrust Global Special Opportunities

Co-inversión con HF Managers

The EnTrust Global Special Opportunities strategy offers investors the opportunity to co-invest in the best ideas of the world’s best Hedge Fund managers through a concentrated portfolio of approximately 15 to 30 positions. These ideas often come from structural or dynamic misbehavior (or simply capital appreciation) of certain sectors or corporate stocks and are executed with a total alignment of interests between investors and managers.

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EnTrust Global

Blue Ocean Fund (BO)

Private credit in the marine sector

EnTrust Global Blue Ocean Fund aims at generating attractive risk-adjusted returns by focusing in direct loans to vessels owners, oil services companies, and other marine businesses.

The fund seeks to take advantage of the lack of financing in the marine transportation sector, since traditional lenders recently pulled out of the sector.

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EnTrust Global

Blue Sky Fund (BS)

Private Credit in the aviation sector

EnTrust Global Blue Sky fund provides financing solutions for the aviation industry. BS acquires and manages airplanes that are operated by airlines all around the world under leasing contracts, or alternatively, they offer direct loans to leasing companies, so those companies function efficiently. The fund’s objective is to obtain uncorrelated returns along the economic cycle and a better adjusted risk/return profile than other investment formulas in real assets

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