Independent boutique specialized in the active management of fixed income and global credit for individual and institutional investors. The careful management of risk along the cycle gives consistent returns and a limited volatility.

Founded in 2001, Rubrics is an independent and active investment manager specialized in Fixed Income and Credit. Located in London, it currently manages $1 billion for institutional and private clients through mandates and a very small range of funds. The project is led by Steve O´Hanlon, who works as CIO and Lead PM of various funds, including the Rubrics Global Fixed Income, one of the house flagships.

Rubrics’ main goal is to generate long-term returns in a consistent manner, with a reduced volatility level and a meticulous, almost obsessive, management of the drawdowns.

Its investment process is based on strict risk control through a proprietary model, with exclusive exposure to two risk factors (of the traditional three in fixed income: credit, duration and exchange rates), covering completely the third. According to the managers, strategies with exposure to two risk factors obtained historically better adjusted returns than those with exposure to all three risk factors.

Rubrics India Fixed Income Fund

Indian Fixed Income

Launched in 2010, with daily liquidity, it offers direct exposure to Indian governmental and State companies’ bonds. Exchange rate risk is not covered. It has a medium investment grade (BBB-) and an average duration of three to eight years.

Rubrics Emerging Markets Fixed Income Fund

Emerging Fixed Income

It is a Fixed Income strategy for emerging markets that invests widely in governmental and corporate debt, both in local and hard currency, investment Grade and HY ratings and average duration between two and five years.

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