A process-driven, global investment manager whose purpose is to deliver superior long-term returns with the minimum necessary risk-taking by combining complementary investment frameworks in a single strategy.

Varenne Capital Partners (‘Varenne’) is a €3,000m research and process driven Investment Manager based in Paris (France), where it was founded by its current management team in 2003, before becoming fully independent in 2007.

Varenne’s objective is to deliver superior long-term returns with minimum necessary risk-taking and maximum added value. This goal is achieved by combining four complementary investment frameworks in a single strategy, namely (i) Long Equity (ii) Short Equity, (iii) Merger Arbitrage and (iv) Tail Risk Hedging – each of which has a dedicated team of analysts, unique processes and bespoke information systems.

The firm adopts a ‘brokers are not welcome’ policy and as such, all investment ideas are generated internally through proprietary research and a qualified investment team with access to extensive and state-of-the-art in-house technology.

With 8 nationalities in a team of 44 people (including 19 investment professionals), Varenne fosters a culture of openness and diversity translating into very low turnover and an average tenure of 9 years in the firm. All senior associates are shareholders and co-invest a significant portion of their wealth alongside long-standing clients from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Varenne’s funds offering includes Varenne Valeur, UCITS (€1,400m AUM) and Varenne Global, UCITS (€350m AUM), as well as Varenne Selection (a French-domiciled, AIFMD strategy only for professional investors, with €325m AUM). Whereas all three funds aim to deliver superior long term returns by combining a core concentrated long and short equity portfolio (long biased) with an overlay of merger arbitrage and tail risk hedging, they differ in portfolio concentration, net market exposure and volatility.

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