BrightGate Absolute Return FIL

Fund’s Objective and profitability

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Brightgate Absolute Return FIL is a Multi-strategy Hedge Fund co-managed with EnTrustPermal. The FIL maintains a stable structure based on strategies of Equity Hedge, Event Driven, Low Volatility Macro and Fixed Income Hedge, adding to these strategies, both in equity and fixed income, opportunistic investments that are uncorrelated from the rest of the portfolio. The FIL has as an objective an annual level of volatility ranging between 4% and 6% and aims for an annual non-guaranteed average return of Euribor plus 5%, for the recommended holding period (5 years). The total number of managers composing the fund ranges between 40 and 45.

Alternative investment fund, multi-manager and multi-strategy that invests in the most promising strategies of EntrustPermal, a leading asset management firm in the alternative strategies space.

For moderate investors

The BAR positions itself as a alternative to fixed income that seeks to provide participants with absolute returns in the medium/long-term, with a moderate level of risk (lower than that of traditional investment funds), regardless of market behavior (uncorrelation).


The strategy is mostly based on the portfolio of Permal Absolute Return Fund (PARF), institutional portfolio with a track-record since 2004. Moreover, BAR maintains tactical investments in other Permal portfolios such as Permal Hedge Fund Opportunities (PHFO), Permal Select Opportunities (PSO) and Permal Select Opportunities II (PSOII).

Investment Team

Bertrand de Montauzon


Returns net of management fees. Source of data: BrightGate Capital SGIIC.

Warning: Past returns do not guarantee future profitability. We recommend contacting a financial adviser for any wealth investment decision. The information on this webpage does not constitute any investment recommendation. This document has been created with the purpose of providing information regarding the subject matter hereof. This publication does not constitute an offer to buy or sell securities mentioned, nor should it be considered or used as a subscription offer. The information contained has been compiled in good faith and from trustworthy sources, but we do not guarantee its truthfulness, integrity or accuracy, and it may be incomplete or presented in a condensed format. This information may be changed without prior notice.

More information

Class A
Class I
Class F

Class A
Class I
Class F

Fund launch 31/03/2009
NAV Monthly
Custody Grupo Santander
Auditor Auren Auditores


Management fee
Class A
Class I
Class F
Incentive fee 0,00%
Custody fee 0,08%
Subscription fee 0,00%
Redemption fee 0,00%


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