Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Santiago de Chile, Moneda Asset Management is the leading private manager in Latin America.


Moneda has more than USD10,000 million of assets under management specifically invested in Latin America, both in fixed income and equity strategies. Furthermore, Moneda has one of the most experienced and qualified investment teams in the region, comprising more than 200 professionals spread over 3 offices (Santiago, Buenos Aires and New York).

As a result, Moneda AM is, as of today, one of the most recognized and valued investment franchises in all of Latin America. The Latin American continent is vast and the investment opportunities it offers are wide and diverse.

Moneda’s investment process is born from a classic, long-only fundamental philosophy and is specifically designed to navigate the idiosyncrasy of the continent, the preservation of capital and the achievement of a consistent alpha in the medium-long term. Sustainability plays an important role in the investment process and Moneda was the first Chilean fund manager to sign the PRI protocols, ‘Principles for Responsible Investment’.

‘Moneda Luxemburg Sicav’ currently has four strategies: ‘Latin American Corporate Credit I’ (IG) and ‘Latin American Corporate Credit II’ (IG + HY) -in fixed income-; and ‘Latin American Equities’ and ‘Latin America Small Cap’ -in variable income.

Latin American Equities

The Fund’s objective is to seek benefit from the long-term growth opportunities in the Latin American region.

The Sub-Fund will invest a minimum of 80% of its net assets in equities or equity-linked securities from companies domiciled or with significant operations in Latin America.



Latin America Small Cap

The fund’s objective is to invest (primarily) in shares of public limited companies or corporations in the Latin American region that demonstrate a high potential for sustained growth in the long term, with an adequate level of risk.

Likewise, the Small Cap Fund may invest in shares of public limited companies or corporations incorporated outside the Latin American region, if at least 70% of its assets (or its operating income) come from the Latin American region (incl. the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, and excl. the US and Canada).

Latin American Corporate Credit II (IG + HY)

The Fund’s investment objective is to seek capital appreciation and income in the mid to long-term by investing in Latin American corporate credit.

The Fund will invest a minimum of 70% of its assets in Latin American corporate bonds (including zero coupon bonds), short-term debt securities and in similar debt instruments.

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