Bramshill Investments is analternative asset maanger with over $3 billion under management offering strategies across various debt and fixed income markets.

Bramshill Investments, LLC is an employee owned alternative asset management firm that specializes in investment opportunities across the fixed income universe in sectors such as corporate bonds, preferred securities, municipal bonds, structured credit and credit-themed equities. The firm was founded in 2012, however, Bramshill strategies have over ten year track records with a core absolute return approach.

Their investments are designed with the intent to preserve and grow their investors’ capital utilizing their fundamental value-based approach. Bramshill’s investment professionals provide portfolio management and strategy specific solutions across both liquid and illiquid asset classes.

Professionals approach risk management with a probability of loss analysis of individual securities combined with both macro and quantitative inputs. Their clients consist of institutions, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Strategies are managed in co-mingled vehicles, SMAs, and through sub-advisory mandates. Bramshill’s team-oriented approach and firm philosophy have been the core reasons for our success in investing, client relationships, and risk management.

UCITS Income Performance Fund

The Fund seeks to provide current income and capital appreciation through allocations for fixed income sectors with attractive risk-adjusted return chracteristics.

Bramshill seeks investments in high quality income-generating securities within investment grade corporate bonds, high yield corporate bonds, preferred stock municipal bonds and U.S. Treasuries that maintain strong metrics and are priced at an intrinsic discount. The strategy actively manages the portfolio by rotating exposure among fixed income asset classes and tactically hedging during various interesr rate and credit market environment.


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