Independent firm registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and specialized in the management of US High Yield, both in short duration and broad market alternatives.

SKY Harbor Capital Management LLC is an independent asset management firm specialized in American High Yield. Founded in 2011, it has its headquarters in Greenwich, CT USA and currently manages $6 billion. Co-founders Hannah Strasser and Anne Yobage have worked together for more than 20 years and have managed high yield vehicles through various economic cycles by using an analytical framework based on fundamentals and technical & quantitative analysis to identify potential investments and manage risk.

Their experience as managers of American High Yield dates to the early 90s, from distinct independent firms.

In 2001, the team joined AXA Investment Managers, where Hanna Strasser, in charge of American Fixed Income, built a spectacular franchise that took the AUM in US Fixed Income from practically 0 to more than 57 billion USD in just ten years.

Sky Harbor has a Luxemburgish UCITS SICAV, Sky Harbor Global Funds, already registered in thirteen European countries and offering two well defined strategies: US High Yield (Broad) and US Short Duration High Yield.

High Yield USA

High Yield EEUU

Its objective is to beat the American HY market during a complete economic cycle with less volatility. The fund seeks to preserve the principal and capitalize returns through the reinvestments of coupons. It invests in the whole range of maturities and credit ratings, below investment grade. The companies where the fund invests have sustainable business models, with cashflow visibility and improving fundamentals.

US Short Duration High Yield Fund

Short term High Yield USA

Its objective is to give the investor a stable cash flow from coupon payments, maintaining a below average volatility compared to HY funds due to its low duration. It invests in securities below Investment Grade with maturities below 3 years. Investment is focused in companies with a high level of financial flexibility and with clear improvement potential in business operations. The goal is to minimize credit default risks.

Short Maturity Sustainable HY Bond Fund (ESG)

High Yield EEUU Sostenible (ESG)

Con la misma filosofía de income, corta duración, baja volatilidad y preservación de capital que el fondo ‘US Short Duration HY’ , la estrategia ‘Short Maturity Sustainable HY Bond Fund’ introduce estrictos criterios de sostenibilidad, compromiso con el medio ambiente, transparencia, gobierno corporativo y diversidad en su proceso de inversión -excluyendo sectores tales como tabaco, alcohol, armamento, combustibles fósiles o las industrias del juego y del entretenimiento para adultos.

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