FORT investment Management is an asset management firm established in 1993 with headquarters in Washington D.C. For more than 25 years, FORT has offered systematic investment solutions to the most important institutional and private investors in the world.

FORT is an investment management firm founded by Dr. Yves Balcer and Dr. Sanjiv Kumar in 1993. Based in Washington D.C. and New York, FORT has provided alternative investment advisory services to many of the world’s institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals for over 25 years. FORT is an acronym for Financial Opportunities in Research and Trading. Our name reflects the company’s core expertise: we offer our clients access to proprietary and innovative strategies that are supported by rigorous market research, statistical analysis, and a highly disciplined and systematic approach to investing.

The extensive academic preparation of Yves and Sanjiv combines very well with an unusual practical experience in asset management. Between 1987 and 1993 they were responsible for managing the portfolio of the World Bank, with 25 billion USD under management.

In 1993, with the support of their families, Yves and Sanjiv launched FORT. They immediately faced the challenge of building a hedge fund from the ground up. Operational infraestructure is as important to clients as investment performance.

Today FORT’s team has grown to over 50 professional located in Washington D.C. and New York. The investment team led by Yves and Sanjiv has developed numerous systematic investment strategies in both futures and equity markets, using fundamental and technical analysis. These investment strategies are accessed by institutional investors of all types across the globe. Although the team is larger now, the core values of the firm still remain: an entrepeneurial spirit, a dedication to clients, and an innovative approach to investment management. 


FORT Global UCITS Contrarian Fund


Developed in 2002, the Global Contrarian strategy is based on a systematic trading strategy. Unlike Trend Followers, who try to identify tendencies to follow them, the Contrarian strategy anticipates tendency changes thorough inflexion signals, with the goal of buying in support and selling in resistance levels. The fund employs a broad range of financial instruments, including futures, exchange rates, bonds, currencies and indexes.

FORT Global UCITS Diversified Fund


It is a multi-strategy trading program that combines models of Trend Following, Trend Anticipating (Contrarian), Short-Term Mean Reversion and Market Value Neutral. This offers uncorrelation from equity indexes and an optimum level of volatility.

FORT Global UCITS Futures Fund


It trades a spectrum of futures contracts in the global markets that includes: interest rates, bonds, currencies and equity indices. Global Futures is a proprietary blend of three strategies: trend-following, trend-anticipating and mean reversion. The addition of each of these components is designed to reduce the volatility of returns. FORT Global Futures is also designed to have a low correlation with broad equity indices. FORT Global Futures dynamically and systematically shifts risk allocations among asset classes and underlying parameter choices.

FORT Global UCITS Trend Fund


This program is comprised of several sub-strategies, each designed to capture trends in different market environments. The program trades a spectrum of futures contracts globally including: interest rates, bonds, currencies and equity indices. Global Trend utilizes a Bayesian adaptation methodology to dynamically shift risk across sub-strategies, underlying parameter/speed combinations, and asset classes.

FORT Global UCITS Equity Market Neutral Fund


Equity Market Neutral (“EMN”) is a quantitative trading program designed to identify attractively priced, high quality companies that are likely to outperform the broader market. The strategy uses proprietary fundamental and technical signals. EMN invests in the U.S. equity markets on a hedged basis, resulting in low beta exposure to the market. Value is realized through individual stock selection as well as dynamic sector exposure. FORT’s proprietary Bayesian adaptive process constructs a portfolio that shifts alpha signals over time. The program employs a longer term holding period and is designed to provide a tax-advantaged return by capturing long-term capital gains and short-term capital losses.

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